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How to send support?

If you have questions concerning best ways to send your valued support via bank transfer.

Please contact

If you want to help. You can start simple:

Consider taking care of One child and see what you can do , e.g. to:

You can give them a good start
  • feed One child a day for one month or one year
  • with a gift of 6 euro a month this is possible.
  • It takes just One idea to keep things going. Just place a Mercy offer box at your dining or kitchen table. When you give thanks for your meal, put 50 euro cent in it. When guest ask why is that? you have an excellent opportunity to advocate “the helping One at a time principle” and challenge him or her to do the same.
  • give One child the option to learn read and write
  • give One young woman or young man the chance to start a new life – it starts with education
  • By One person the world can be changed step by step

To send checks to our organization, payable to:


Account#: 045010100236379 Axis Bank Ltd. lTollygunge, Kolkata (West Bengal) Branch 207 N.S.C. BOSE ROAD l TOLLYGUNGE l KOLKATA-700 040  

Remittance instruction for Euro DE81501108006231605392 lUTIBINBB005 l UTI Bank Ltd., Kolkata18118508 lUTIBINBB005 l UTI Bank Ltd., Kolkata

For remittance in US Dollars For credit to: 001-1-407376 CHIPS UID 340191 lUTIBINBB005 l AXIS & UTI BANK LTD., KOLKATA2000191075612 lUTIBINBB005 l Axis Bank Ltd., Kolkata

" We are charity/ non-profit/ fundraising/ NGO organization.
Our charity activities help to transform the life of streetkids to a better life"

Diganta and Leena